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Meet our next year's 2022 -23 board here: https://mannptsa.org/Page/Pta/BoardMembersNew

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the open positions, please e-mail nominate@mannptsa.org 


Meet the volunteers who make it all happen!  
If you would like volunteer for one of the open positions, e-mail volunteers@mannptsa.org 
Here are detailed descriptions of the PTSA positions: Executive BoardChairs & CoordinatorsOrg Chart

Board Members: please send your photo and personal description (90 char max) to webadmin@mannptsa.org

Executive Committee



Shawna Cooper
Misty Cavit

Shawna is mom to a 4th and 7th grader who also works as a product manager for a healthcare nonprofit


Misty is from Washington and enjoys sewing, running, and traveling with her family.



Pat Cavit



Co-VPs of Fundraising


Kat Spottswood

Kat is a mother of 5 including two 2nd graders and a 5th grader. She works as a dietitian.


Co-VPs of Volunteers and School Services


Ciarelle Jimenez 

Ciarelle is the proud coach-mama of a team of five LWSD kiddos; three at Mann and two at RMS. She teaches at a local college and her passions are her kids, reading, social justice, & water sports.

Co-VPs of Enrichment


Suma Iyer

Sumathi is a mom of 3 boys whose oldest will start Kindergarten this year. She also works part time as a project manager in the construction field.

Co-VPs of Art Programs


Kelli Shafer
Tanika Padhye

Tanika is a mom of 2 boys, a 3rd grader at Mann, and a sophomore at RHS. She enjoys making jewelry, traveling, and community service.

Co-VPs of Communications



Cindy Goulding

Cindy has 5 girls including a 1st and 3rd grader. She moonlights as an audiobook narrator.


Co-VPs of Special Needs


Suzanne Ender

Suzanne has 3 children; 2 at Mann and 1 at RMS. Suzanne looks forward to partnering with families, teachers, staff and our community while serving on the Horace Mann PTSA Committee.

Melissa Headrick

Melissa is mom to 2nd and 4th grade children and a choir/music teacher at RMS. She enjoys being with friends, running and watching her kids do what they love.


2021-2022 Committee Chairs

Reports to President    
Membership & Outreach Chair OPEN membership@mannptsa.org
Nominating Committee Kat, Melissa, Cindy nominate@mannptsa.org
Reports to Treasurer   
Box Tops OPEN boxtops@mannptsa.org
Financial Review OPEN treasurer@mannptsa.org
Reports to Art    
Art Night Tankika, Kelli art@mannptsa.org
Art Supplies OPEN artsupplies@mannptsa.org
Artist in Residence OPEN art@mannptsa.org
Kiln Coordinator Cheryl Perrins clayandkiln@mannptsa.org
NW Art Project Richard Mancino nwart@mannptsa.org
Reflections OPEN reflections@mannptsa.org
Reports to Communications  
Newsletter Cindy Goulding horacemannager@mannptsa.org
Social Media  Cindy Goulding comm@mannptsa.org
Website Admin Cindy Goulding website@mannptsa.org
Yearbook Cindy Goulding yearbook@mannptsa.org
Reports to Enrichment  
After School Enrichment Sumathi Iyer, Caroline Wilson enrichment@mannptsa.org
Assemblies  OPEN assemblies@mannptsa.org
Math Challenge & Competitions  Anne Glassy math@mannptsa.org
Science Fair  Merric Shank sciencefair@mannptsa.org
Reports to Events & Fundraising  
Back to School Events  OPEN fundraising@mannptsa.org
Carnival  Kat Spotswood fundraising@mannptsa.org
Dance  Kat Spotswood fundraising@mannptsa.org
Movie Night  Kat Spotswood fundraising@mannptsa.org
5th Grade Graduation OPEN graduation@mannptsa.org
Spirit Wear  Kat Spotswood spiritwear@mannptsa.org 
Reports to Advocacy & Special Needs  
Emergency Preparedness Shraddah Tawde? eprep@mannptsa.org
Legislative  OPEN legislation@mannptsa.org 
Sustainability  Rachel Malloy sustainability@mannptsa.org
Colts Community Caring OPEN ColtsCare@mannptsa.org
Reports to Volunteers & School Services  
Awards Committee OPEN awards@mannptsa.org
Birthday Book Club  OPEN fundraising@mannptsa.org
Hospitality  Bryna Riley, Julia Schroeder hospitality@mannptsa.org
Room Parents  Misty Cavit & Bryna Riley volunteers@mannptsa.org
School Pictures  OPEN pictures@mannptsa.org
School Supplies  Walaa Kotayet schoolsupplies@mannptsa.org




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